Sunday 7 September 2008

.Net Micro Framework White Papers and Resources

Since I began researching the Microsoft .Net Micro Framework (.NET MF) I've come across some very handy white papers and resources. Here's a reading list:

  • Introducing the .NET Micro Framework (Word Doc)
    A Microsoft 'Product Positioning and Technology' white paper written by Donald Thompson and Colin Miller. This white paper includes a nice discussion of the background of and business case for the .NET MF. It sells the idea that the lower development costs of using a managed environment and great tools like Visual Studio can offset the slightly higher per unit cost of using a 32-bit processor and licensing the .NET MF.
  • Official .NET MF Site
    • Main Site (HTML)
    • Developer Centre (HTML)
    • Official Supporting Hardware List (HTML)
  • Porting the .NET Micro Framework (PDF or HTML)
    A Microsoft technical white paper for device manufacturers about porting the .NET MF to their hardware platform. Includes interesting insights into the underlying framework.
  • Embedded Development Kit for the Microsoft .NET Micro Framework Step by Step Guide (PDF)
    A tutorial for the SJJ Embedded Micro Solutions EDK module, which includes a great introduction to the .NET MF.
  • Introducing Devices Profile for Web Services (DPWS) (PDF)
    Great introduction to DPWS, including an overview of the libraries, namespaces and important classes. Includes sample code for getting started with DPWS.
  • .NET Micro Framework on
    A great site, full of straight forward information, sample code and discussion of the .NET MF. Particularly useful is the list of available modules including approximate prices and the product comparison page, which appear to be kept up to date as new modules are released.
  • The .NET MF News Group (newsreader, HTML, ATOM or RSS)
    The official newsgroup for .NET MF questions. The forum is very active, with knowledgeable people contributing to help with practical problems.
  • The .NET MF Team Blog (HTML, ATOM or RSS)
    From the horses mouth, news and announcements on the .NET MF.

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